Policeman insulted; ‘Expensive joke’

KUWAIT: A traffic policeman filed a complaint against a female citizen accusing her of insulting a public servant on duty. He said she insulted him when he ticketed her. Also, a drunken citizen was arrested for violating traffic rules and insulting and assaulting policemen when they gave him a ticket.

‘Expensive joke’
A criminal investigation agent was arrested for calling a colleague and inviting him to join IS, claiming that an IS attack was imminent. The agent claimed he was joking.

Fraud charges
A Pakistani filed a complaint against three compatriots, accusing them of fraud. The man said that the suspects took KD 7,000 from him, claiming to use it to import car engines. In another development, six Kuwaitis were separately arrested at various checkpoints and found wanted for financial claims of a total value of KD 250,000.

Homebrewed liquor
Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives raided the residence of two Asians, where they found 189 homebrewed liquor bottles they had prepared for sale. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti was arrested in Jahra for drinking and driving dangerously.

Indian stabbed
An Indian was stabbed and injured while resisting an armed robber in Khaitan.

Brothel in Jleeb
Two Asians (a man and woman) were arrested in Jleeb for running a brothel and selling illicit drugs to their clients.

Weapon found
Weapon detectives found a gun and a magazine dumped in the southern chalets’ area. – Al-Rai/Al-Anbaa

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