Policeman jailed for ‘indecent’ comments

KUWAIT: Farwaniya’s security director general ordered the detention of a Najda policeman accused of making advances towards a female Arab expat. The woman told police that the policeman stopped her and he started to talk indecently to her. She left him and went directly to the police station to file a report. The policeman then arrived at the station and claimed the woman had misunderstood him. He offered to apologize to her. But a security source said an argument between suggested that the woman’s complaint was justified and so the station’s commander jailed the policeman.

Woman attempts suicide
A Syrian woman escaped death after ingesting 16 unknown pills and drinking bleach. Mubarak hospital doctors  pumped the woman’s stomach to remove the poisons. She will now be interviewed by detectives once her condition improves. Suicide is a crime in Kuwait.

License plates stolen
A citizen in his fifties told Zahra area police his car’s license plates were stolen while parked near a cooperative. There have been a spate of license plate thefts in Kuwait in recent weeks.

Man arrested for assault
An Egyptian man was taken to Maidan Hawally police station accused of assaulting three citizens in a mall. He was sent to concerned authorities.


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