Policemen indifference

Everybody is complaining and grumbling about traffic situations in Kuwait, the way people drive and vehicles that are not fit for ordinary roads but instead should rather be driven on racing tracks. Complainers also often criticize security forces, namely traffic police who they accuse of being too passive and all they do is to be present on various streets without interfering to stop reckless motorists.

Meanwhile, we have noticed how a driver would be chased and stopped to be ticketed by traffic police even if a vehicle’s or a bike’s tire touch the dotted white lane line in foreign countries. So what about what we have here in terms of drivers who maneuver around from lane to lane at top speed, not to mention motorists who equip their vehicles with accessories that create very loud noises?

One would so often drive past a police patrol and see a reckless driver speeding past without being chased or stopped by the police, and we would immediately criticize the policeman’s reaction and start comparing it to what we see abroad.
The Interior Ministry has started chasing traffic law violators on various roads, which has recently resulted in a tragic accident when two young people were killed while trying to escape arrest as a police patrol was chasing to stop them. May Almighty Allah have mercy on their souls. They were killed because of young people’s lack of awareness of traffic laws and because they have not been warned about the dangerous consequences of violating those laws and defying security men.
The strange thing about this accident is that those two policemen who were only doing their duty in law enforcement were detained, facing charges of second degree murder! This will, of course, lead to more police passivity and reluctance from chasing outlaws, whereas escaping arrest is a punishable crime worldwide and violators will have to adhere to the consequences while policemen have full immunity and protection so that they can do their jobs. So, what if a policeman is jailed simply because he did his job?

Policemen need legislations to protect them from such penalties so that they can do their part in fighting this ‘street war’ that has been reaping lives on a daily basis. Otherwise, policemen will become more passive and indifferent to avoid endless disciplinary or penal measures as rewards for doing their jobs. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Abdu Mohsen Jumaa

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