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Political groups, former MPs, hail Amir’s historical address

By B Izzak

KUWAIT: Kuwait political groups, former MPs and activists yesterday hailed Amir’s national address as historical and unprecedented, stressing that it has renewed the constitutional charter between the political leadership and the people. In the address delivered on his behalf by HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, he announced that he has decided to dissolve the National Assembly and called for fresh polls to let the people elect their representatives.

The Crown Prince also said that a decree will be issued “within months” to dissolve the Assembly and called for snap polls, assuring the Kuwaiti people that the government will not interfere in the general elections and the election of the Assembly Speaker. The Islamic Salaf Alliance welcomed the speech, saying that the Amir’s announcement that the political leadership will not interfere in the election “is a proof that a new era” has started, in which the people are given full freedom to elect their representatives.

The nationalist Popular Action Movement said the address means a “renewal of the (constitutional) charter between the political leadership and the Kuwaiti people”. The Islamic Constitutional Movement said the speech has ended a “state of political deadlock” which will also put an end to a state of total political paralysis. The liberal National Democratic Alliance said the speech came to put an end to “political chaos, anxiety and despair experienced by the Kuwaiti citizens”.

Former prominent opposition lawmaker Faisal Al-Muslim said the announcement of non-interference in the elections is a “historical precedence”. Speaking at a rally by the opposition, Muslim called for appointing a new prime minister and for completing the “issue of pardon” for political activists. He also invited the Kuwaiti people and all opposition figures for a dinner banquet on Saturday to celebrate the occasion.

In another development, about 20 opposition MPs who were on strike inside the Assembly building since June 14, yesterday called off their strike and warmly welcomed the Amir’s address, saying it draws “the path for a bright political future” under which the relations of the legislature and the government will be balanced.


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