Preliminary tests show Filipina housemaid died of natural causes, investigations continue

KUWAIT: Following up the recent death of a Filipina housemaid in Kuwait and claims by the Philippine government that she had been sexually abused and murdered, Kuwaiti security sources stressed that initial examination of the deceased’s body showed that she died of natural causes and that there was no evidence of a crime. The latest developments in this regard came as statements were released by the Philippines presidential palace yesterday that it is reviewing the agreement signed with Kuwait over the rights of Filipinos working in the state.

In this regard, the Manila Bulletin and Inquirer newspapers said Malacanang announced the need to review the agreement signed with Kuwait after the death of the housemaid Constancia Lago Dayag, adding that the president’s official spokesperson said any measures would be withheld pending recommendations from the labor minister after what it deemed as violations of the agreement.

Notably, despite Kuwaiti reports, the Philippine media insists that the 47-year-old maid was sexually assaulted and murdered, with bruises found on her body, which was denied by Kuwaiti security authorities who stressed that the maid had been on good terms with her sponsor’s family. They added that by reviewing recent calls on her mobile phone, it was found she had relationships with some Pakistani friends.

By A Saleh

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