‘Product of the Year’: A seminar on tackling economic challenges

‘Product of the Year’
‘Product of the Year’

KUWAIY: ‘Product of the Year’, the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, organized a seminar for FMCG brands on overcoming the emerging challenges in the unfavorable market.

The third edition of “POY talks” brought together a distinguished group of international speakers, consisted of four sessions that unfolded the methods to overcome the current economic challenges by optimizing the marketing budget.

Entitled “Optimize Your Marketing Budget in Today’s Challenging Economy”, the workshop took place at Dubai Yacht Club. With a goal to support their FMCG clients, “Product of the Year”-Gulf organizes POY talks every year, a platform to support innovation, share ideas, and discuss issues and solutions through specialized seminars.

This year, “POY talks” hosted 4 prominent speakers from different industries and the key topics of discussion included:

• The Three Pillars of FMCG Growth

• Integrated Shopper Marketing Growth Opportunities

• Branded Entertainment: The New Utility for Brands

• Digital Media Landscape & Programmatic Explained Ms Darine El Kaissi

– Business Development Director

– Product of the Year, says

-”There is no doubt that the current economic climate brings complexities in terms of both marketing and customers’ confidence.

We always provide our FMCG clients the needed support systems through workshops to equip them, with the necessary knowledge and strategies to cope up with the economy and tackle the impacts.”

The third “POY Talks” highlighted firm marketing strategies to tackle the highly competitive market conditions with an emphasis on the 5-step marketing model and how FMCG brands could sustain their positive outlook through innovative digital technologies. The eminent Panel consisted of Mr Nathen Mazri, VP of Branding & Marketing for Canadian franchises.

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