Prostitute charged KD 1,000 per night

KUWAIT: Vice detectives received tips about a Ukrainian prostitute in a rented apartment in seaside Shaab who charged KD 1,000 per night. Investigations confirmed that the information was correct, so a warrant was obtained and an undercover agent was sent to her. When he gave a signal, the apartment was raided and the suspect arrested. Detectives found large amounts of money on her that she had received from clients. A security source said the suspect made appointments online through a prostitution site. The woman arrived in Kuwait eight days before her arrest, the sources noted, adding that she is currently held for questioning prior to her deportation.

Ruling upheld
The appeals court upheld the ruling of the court of first instance exonerating a female citizen who also has Jordanian and Iraqi nationalities of forgery and false information charges. A detective from the Interior Ministry’s nationality and travel documents department said the woman married a Kuwaiti citizen and had two daughters with him before he died in 1988. She then married a Jordanian man living outside Kuwait to prevent Kuwaiti authorities from knowing about the marriage, so she could be naturalized. She meanwhile gained Jordanian nationality, then later received the Kuwaiti nationality, claiming she was still a widow and did not remarry. Lawyer Tariq Al-Kharas told the court the forgery crime exists only if the suspect deliberately changes facts as described in the law, and accusations against his client are not valid. The detectives’ investigations state that his client deliberately got her marriage certificate abroad so it is not shown in her official documents in Kuwait.

Thieves caught
A shepherd resisted an attempt by two thieves to steal his sponsor’s sheep using knives. He then called his sponsor and told him what happened. The sponsor told police that he detained two armed thieves in his farm in Salmiya. Police responded and went to the farm and found the two bound thieves. The suspects were arrested and the shepherd was rewarded with a free sheep.

Post office theft
Thieves stole from the mailboxes of subscribers at Fintas post office, taking advantage of the fact that the building lacks security cameras and guards. Employees found the main gate broken and discovered the theft. Police and detectives were called, who checked for evidence. Investigations are underway.

Four people were hospitalized with cuts and bruises they sustained when three others attacked them in Salmi. The fight was over animal feed vending stands on Salmi road that escalated to a fight. Three Egyptians rushed to help a colleague, and two Indians sided with their compatriot, before police were able to break up the fight. Investigations are underway. – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press

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