Nine Prostitutes caught in Jleeb – ‘Fast-breaker’ arrested

KUWAIT: Nine prostitutes and six Asian men, including the pimp were arrested at a Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh brothel, said security sources, noting that they will all be deported after taking proper legal action.

Two citizens were arrested for fighting in Sharq, said security sources, noting that the fight started when they accidentally hit each other’s shoulders while window-shopping outside a mobile phone store. They immediately stared at each other, exchanging accusations of “being blind” and shouting questions like “why don’t you watch where you are going?”

Policeman presses charges
A Hawally traffic policeman filed a case accusing a citizen of insulting him when he filed him a no-parking ticket in Rumaithiya after he refused the policeman’s requests to drive away.

Drunk driver
A Somali truck driver was arrested while heavily drunk at Nuwaiseeb land border exit, said security sources, noting that the driver drove into the exit by accident. The driver, who had three home-made liquor bottles with him, told exit security that he had been driving along Nuwaiseeb highway until 5:30 am when he lost control and drove into the exit. A case was filed and the man is facing charges of drinking and of breaking the fast in public during Ramadan daytime.

‘Fast-breaker’ arrested
A citizen was arrested for eating and drinking in public during Ramadan daytime, said security sources, noting that the suspect was arrested while sitting on a mat near his vehicle in the Jaber Stadium parking lot and having food and smoking two hours before the Maghreb prayer. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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