Prostitutes caught in Salmiya brothel

Prostitutes caught in Salmiya brothel
Prostitutes caught in Salmiya brothel

KUWAIT: Vice police recently arrested four people inside a brothel in Salmiya, said security sources. The suspects, Chinese, include two females and two transsexuals. Case papers indicate that police were tipped off concerning the suspects’ activities, and that they were offering prostitution services in return for money. The place was stormed and the suspects were arrested then referred to relevant authorities to be examined for possible infection with any infectious diseases. The suspects will be deported after that.

Fight leaves man dead
A man died from fatal injuries he sustained during a fight reported in Mina Abdullah yesterday. Police and paramedics arrived to a chalet in the area where the fight was reported. Paramedics pronounced the 30-year-old man Pakistani man dead on the scene, and evidence of foul play was detected. Investigations are ongoing to determine the circumstances of the incident and arrest the suspect.

3-hour campaign
Capital security launched a 3-hour inspection campaign last Thursday, which resulted in arresting 30 people who were not carrying any IDs, filing varied 40 traffic citations and apprehending 13 people in violation of residency laws.

Food campaigns
Jahra municipality inspectors recently intensified their tours around Jahra food outlets. Their recent crackdowns resulted in filing 45 citations and destroying 98 kilograms of foul food items.

Man found dead
A man was found dead near a celebrity’s chalet in Mina Abdullah, said security sources, noting that initial investigations on the scene showed that the man had fallen from a height. A case was filed and further investigations are still in progress.

Passenger arrested
An Asian woman was recently arrested at Kuwait International Airport just before departing with possession of KD 6,000 in cash she hid in her clothes. The woman was referred to relevant authorities for further investigations.

The Interior Ministry’s relations and security media department said that the money crime detectives recently arrested a four-member gang on forgery charges. The suspects, two Kuwaitis and two Egyptians, forged salary certificates for a number of companies and bank clients who had exceeded the 40 percent of salary limit set by the Central Bank so that they could get further bank loans or finance any purchases. That the suspects provided their services  in return for a 10 percent of what the clients received, said security sources.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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