Prostitutes caught


KUWAIT: Vice detectives put an end to the activities of a Spanish woman who was arrested for prostitution. The suspect reportedly charged KD 200 per client, and used a Bneid Al-Qar apartment to practice her illegal activities, including filming pornographic videos, according to investigations. The ‘porn star’ reportedly arrived to Kuwait on a visit visa after being contacted by clients in Kuwait via the internet, the sources said, adding that police sent her an undercover agent and she was arrested red-handed. Police also arrested two Czech and two Chinese women on similar charges, but those will face lesser charges, the sources said.

Drug possession

An ex-convict hit a police officer with an axe before giving up to Drugs Control General Department (DCGD), as he was arrested with on kilogram of shabu (methamphetamine). Local drugs fighting unit received information about the suspect’s activities, so they placed him under surveillance and obtained a warrant to arrest him. When his house was raided, the suspect met police with resistance, and he was holding an axe which he used to hit an officer before being bought under control. He was sent to DCGD to face charges. Separately, Hawally police arrested three citizens wanted on civil cases for KD 8,000 and KD 5,000. Drugs were found on them when they were searched. The three were sent to DCGD.

Work injury

A Kuwaiti citizen was taken from work to Mubarak Hospital, then went to the police station and lodged a complaint against his colleague, accusing him of causing his injuries. The suspect, Syrian, is being summoned for questioning.

Verbal insult

A citizen who was turned down by a girl in her twenties insulted her with indecent words, and she accused him of inciting her to commit vice acts. She said she was surprised by the man inviting her to a party, but she refused. – Alrai

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