‘Protectors’ of virtue and decency

They are calling for hijab and fight women who are not wearing veils. They call for gender-based segregation at schools from kindergarten through to university. They call for virtue, decency and dignity. They ask parents to prevent their daughters from flaunting, urging their women to dress in heavy, all-covering clothes. It would be better if they take after Taliban.
They hate the woman and call, both secretly and openly, for her to remain at home, obey her husband, and put up with beatings. She should accept that she will not leave the house without the approval of her husband, father, or brother.
They ban education for women, watch carefully for anything they do not like on TV; their senior “brother” admits he scrambles what his household can see on TV. But as soon as democracy came with its enticements, the act of a woman exiting the home to vote became a religious duty.

They hate women, not hesitating to kick them out of the house without mercy, after uttering barely a few words to her. She will then be humiliated in court or police stations, lawyers’ offices becoming her daily destination, in order to get a bite or clothing for her or her children. And that is only if her estranged husband allows her to see them. They  punish her if she deviates from their rules, but give themselves leeway because, after all, they are men with mustaches and beards.

They hate a woman’s look, shape and figure, and all she represents to them. Yet you find them chasing her, mostly secretively, begging for her attention, and spend their money to try to sleep with her with or without her consent. Afterwards, they do not hesitate to insult her, put her down, deny her rights, or describe her as lacking in mind and faith. This is to support the stands of their clergy and government, which attempt to refuse her most basic rights.

They fight her, curse her, attribute to her the worse of characteristics and warn us against her corrupting evil. In secret, meanwhile, they would do anything just to gain her approval! Do you know who they are? They are the ones whose personal sexual exploits and ethical scandals are quickly pushed aside as they claim virtue and the defense of good morals. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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