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Public works ministry hotline proves effective

There are a growing number of government service ‘hotlines’ in Kuwait where residents can call to inform government offices of problems with roadworks, violations and other matters. Kuwait Times recently investigated the responsiveness of the Municipality hotline, finding it to be variable at best. Twice Kuwait Times made complaints about debris and waste left on the roadside in Salwa and Salmiya. Both complaints have yet to be dealt with and the waste/debris remain.

The call center of the Ministry of Public Works, however, was very responsive to caller complaints. The Ministry of Public Works is responsible for fixing problems on Kuwait’s roads including potholes, obstructions of view and other related matters. Anyone can call the hotline 150 to file a complaint. Kuwait Times reported three different problems, one in the Capital and two in the Hawally governorates, for resolution.

A few months ago this reporter called the hotline and reported a huge pothole on Jahra Road in Industrial Shuwaikh. Engineers visited the reported site within a day and investigated the problem. Within a week, the hole was fixed. Continuing with the investigation, Kuwait Times called a second time to report a problem on a main road in Salmiya off Salem Al-Mubarak Street. Again engineers from the ministry visited the site within a day, and this time, the problem was fixed within a month.

Kuwait Times reported a third pothole in Salmiya near Hamad Al-Mubarak Street. As in previous cases, the call center agent sent the complaint immediately to site engineers, who then followed up with a call to this reporter to get the exact location. The complaint was dealt with in a timely manner and the pothole fixed within two weeks.
The swift response contrasts positively with the slow, oftentimes nonexistent response from other ministries.

By Nawara Fattahova

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