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Put yourself first: Awareness key in dealing with chronic diseases

KUWAIT: Head of the Kuwait Women Volunteer Society Sheikha Fadia Al-Sabah has affirmed the importance of the role of volunteer societies in health awareness among members of the society, including on chronic illnesses and strategies to prevent them. “The society works in cooperation with Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) by launching awareness campaigns, including this year’s ‘Your Health is a Crown’, which aims to combat breast cancer, which is most common amongst women, to encourage them to test for it as soon as possible,” Sheikha Fadia said at an event titled ‘Put Yourself First’.

“Social responsibility is our work program and our adherence to sustainable development is our initiative, by holding programs and activities to serve the country. The society is adamant on holding workshops about breast cancer and its causes as well as ways to prevent it, as well as hold awareness programs and organize events to boost the spirits of cancer patients,” she affirmed.

Psychology consultant Dr Sanaa Al-Asfour said “psychological and social support is important for patients, specifically women, as cancer patients suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues, so the support of close ones is important”. “Moreover, groups of people who suffer from the same illness get help tremendously when they go on group trips, which makes them feel productive and helps them forget the pains of the illness,” she added, calling on all women to love themselves first.

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most difficult things a human being can go through, as it affects the person and the people closest to them as they undergo a chain of changes socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. These changes can lead to disruptions in their behavior, such as wanting to stay away from close ones and having difficulties making decisions, as well as finding it difficult to enjoy life, having difficulties working and having rapid mood swings.

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