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Qasr Iraq Al-Amir: Hallmark of Hellenistic architecture

Qasr Iraq Al-Amir, an ancient sight located on the outskirts of Jordanian capital of Amman is considered a hallmark of Hellenistic era architecture as it is most notable for its large stone masses. The naming, Iraq Al-Amir, is of Sumerian origins and the word “Iraq” means cave. It is named so as the area is riddled with caves, and similar in properties to Iraq Al-Dub area in Ajlun northwest of the country.

The palace is believed to have been built during the reign of Hyrcanus, head of the Tobiad family and governor of Ammon who lived during the second century BCE, and is considered last of the Ammouni kings. Visitors of the ancient ruins can enjoy a scenic route of lush greenery and running water as the road leading up to it goes through Seer Valley. — KUNA

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