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Qatar supporting woman in motor sport: Al Attiyah

women-motor-sportsKUWAIT: FIA Vice President, FIM deputy president QMMF president have invited all concerned international motorsport stakeholders to support the woman and focus on the creative aspects in order to sustain the volume of achievements instead of the administrative works only. Qatar (QMMF) is doing serious technical and administrative preparations to host the training seminar for women in rally motor sport, where 18 participating women are entitled to get this driving and co-driving training.

Al Attiyah stated that: “We (QMMF) have the pleasure that Qatar will be the solid base that supports and sustains the participation of the woman in motorsport for the first time, I personally believe in the woman abilities and skills to make the creativity in all fields whenever they have been granted the chance to do so.

The creativity only needs support – this support is given as per the rules and regulations set out by FIA & FIM, today we find the woman side by side with the man in all different fields of life, the history shows that woman was and still a pioneer in many fields of life aspects.” “Once more, I exploit this chance to confirm that QMMF doors are open for any female talents and creativities interested in motorsports” Al Attiyah stated.

On the other side, I recommend all motorsport clubs and federations to take serious steps in order to promote these concepts for more expansion, as all clubs and federations have to adopt larger roles in supporting the social, cultural, volunteer and environmental works.

Before conclusion, I would like to thank Michele Mouton- President – Women Motor Sport Commission – FIA, for her praised efforts, this lady can be proudly called the successful woman, as she is considered the pioneer and the main supporter for the woman in motor sport, she always seeks the promotion of the woman role in this field. It’s worth saying that FIA has chosen 18 women (driver & co-driver) from 85 candidates for this course (scheduled: the beginning of November 2015) the training course will be hosted by Qatar (QMMF) for 5 days. MENA has got its participation share portion throughout Yasmeen Magdy – Jordan & Yara Shalabi —Egypt.

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