munaA dispute between a Kuwaiti man and an Egyptian sales man ended in tragedy this week. According to reports, a Kuwaiti man allegedly ran over and killed an Egyptian after a dispute over an electronics game at a shopping mall in Hawally. The incident provoked many responses online and in social conversations across Kuwait. Now it is before the courts to investigate and decide the crime.

But in the court of public opinion, debate continues to rage and there have been a lot of hateful comments on both sides. Because the issue is not just a disagreement that ended with death but also revealed the ugly shameful truth of racism here.
Kuwait is a small country with a majority of expatriates from different communities so the occurrence of a violent conflict between a citizen and an expatriate often draw media attention and the people of both nationalities involved. Several threats were published on social media platforms where users vowed to avenge the death and threatened Kuwaiti sites in Egypt.

I think that racism is sweeping the world today more than ever. While we are calling on communities to strengthen laws for the protection of human rights, we should work to find solutions to deal with this ugly phenomenon in a clear and explicit way.

In recent weeks Kuwait has witnessed numerous ugly disagreements between Egyptian workers and others of different nationalities such as Syrians and locals, something that can happen in any country.

I think most public reactions about the events in Hawally were often illogical and unjustified. Some point to the large number of Egyptian expatriates in Kuwait as the cause of crime and the many problems facing the country. But this is a silly excuse because there are other communities other than Egyptians who serve as an important and necessary source of labor whether workers, doctors, bankers, nurses, accountants, teachers, engineers, architects, editors, lawyers and professionals of every industry.

It was very disturbing to me to read the comments made by some Kuwaitis to accuse Egyptians that they are the cause of corruption and problems in the country and that those who do not like the situation must leave. And in return for some Egyptian media channels have used the subject to attack the government, the Egyptian embassy and all Kuwaitis.

I am a Kuwait citizen and I reject the justification of the crime, nor sympathize with the killing of a citizen or non-citizen. I will not be surprised at the recurrence of such crime soon because most reactions are adding anxiety and stress. I think we do not need to further tension and I hope that the Interior Ministry stops all those making provocative statements or posts on social media. Egyptians are brothers, sisters, friends and guests of our country and we should not forget this ever.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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