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Ramadan greeting

Ambassador of Switzerland, Dr Tiziano Balmelli

I would like to extend my warm wishes for a holy month full of blessings, peace and joy. I wish the Kuwaiti people and friends of Switzerland Ramadan Kareem. I appreciated the spirit of Ramadan for five years in Turkey, where times and rituals are partly collective, according to tradition, and partly lived according to individual choices. A lot of Muslims live in Switzerland – around 5% of the population. They are mostly from the Balkans and Turkey. They practice their religion freely and in peace. Each country practices its own traditions and has its own private charm during the holy month of Ramadan. I think this diversity of traditions and cultures makes the world beautiful and it is therefore important to preserve and value the different roots of the human family. I am looking forward to participating in Ramadan Iftar tables with Kuwaiti friends during my first year in Kuwait. The food in Kuwait is delicious and reflects the diversity of the people who have lived or passed through Kuwait over the centuries. I enjoy the traditional food and the culinary fusion with the different blends, in particular the Indian one.

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