Ramadan: The month of sharing

May Almighty Allah help us overcome this crisis and bring life back to normal, cure the sick and bestow His mercy upon all those who left us. May Allah bless you all.

I was at a cooperative society two days ago and was amazed at the amount of food including rice, cereals, meat, chicken and more a person had bought. At the cashier, I was right behind him, and he might have felt that I was somehow criticizing his purchases, so he said hello and started a conversation. He told me that the two carts will be enough for just a week, because he is committed to helping some families and individuals, adding that not a grain of rice or a piece of meat will go waste! I in turn commended him and wished him all the best, and prayed that Allah accepts his deeds.

Ramadan is with us now – it is the month of blessing and charity, and as we have prepared for it, we should remember that there are those who could not. We have to remember that there are families who may not be able to prepare as they wish, bearing in mind the unprecedented current situation due to the furious attack of COVID-19.

Ramadan is not only a month of refraining from eating and drinking – it also has other aspects, like remembering the needy, whose social and psychological suffering increase during this month because of their inability to meet the needs of their families, while many others can afford to get what they wish in the form of food and drink.

Some people, although in need, will not declare this due to their self-pride. Poverty hurts when a man feels unable to bring home the minimum of what his family requires. Here in Kuwait, there are many charities and people there believe in empathizing with others and going out to help them. They seek homes whose owners are shy to ask for help, although it may be their right to ask.

Now as COVID-19 was mentioned above, we all know that Ramadan is characterized by people gathering just before iftar time to get a meal, which gives them a sense of community and togetherness at this time. This Ramadan will be like no other, and I wonder if this tradition of distributing food will continue and in what fashion. If trucks are sent with the meals, I hope that policemen or some people of authority are sent with them so that chaotic scenes, as we have seen in some areas, will not be repeated. We have seen people almost glued to each other while attempting to get meals, instead of being a meter or two apart to avoid being infected with the virus – as if they are saying welcome corona!

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