Rape attempt thwarted; liquor traders arrested

KUWAIT: A young woman who disappeared from her family’s house a month ago was arrested at a check point in Hawally. The girl was with a man who seemed to be under the influence of drugs. The young woman confessed to being with her boyfriend in a flat. Drugs were found on both when searched.

Screams and alleged rape attempt
The screams of a female Arab expat saved her from a rape attempt, as she claimed, meanwhile the accused citizen said he did not intend to rape her, rather he wanted to talk to her about disputes between the two but she started screaming

Liquor traders caught
Three Indians were arrested with 48 bottles of liquor in Khaitan area. The trio said they were on their way to sell the bottles. They were also found in violation of residency laws. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Two persons attacked a Bangladeshi  expat and robbed him of KD 35 after beating him black and blue. The Bangladeshi was walking in Khaitan when he was stopped by the two who escaped after the attack. The victim filed a report at Khaitan police station.

Woman arrested
A wanted Ethiopian woman accused of theft was arrested in Salmiya. The owner of a beauty shop had earlier accused the Ethiopian of stealing KD 850. The woman was sent to concerned authorities.

False tweets
Orders were given by senior officials to state security and criminal detectives to identify a person who made tweets that could affect relations with a neighboring country. The tweets claimed that there were troops massing at the Kuwait borders, though those claims are totally false.

– Translated from the Arabic press

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