Reckless driver arrested

KUWAIT: A Saudi juvenile was arrested for driving without a license, stunt driving and endangering his life and the lives of others. Security sources said the suspect resisted arrest and had to be physically carried into a police patrol car. Initial reports suggest the youth is mentally disturbed.

Body found
The decomposed body of an Asian man was found in an under-construction building in Mahboula. Security sources said due to the high level of humidity, the janitor noticed a foul smell and discovered the corpse.

Inmates fight
Two Central Jail inmates detained over charges of funding and fighting with IS fought after an argument concerning the current military operations in Mosul. Prison authorities said one of the prisoners sustained a serious head injury during the fight and was rushed to Farwaniya Hospital for treatment.

Expired visas
Four expats holding expired residency visas were arrested by chance during a traffic accident along the Sixth Ring Road. Security sources said policemen’s suspicions were aroused when the driver of one of the two vehicles insisted on not pressing charges, and on checking on the four passengers with him, their residency visas were found to be expired.

Drunk driving
A Kuwaiti man and a Filipina woman were arrested in Fintas for drinking and driving, said security sources, noting that the suspects had two bottles of whiskey with them. They were taken to the proper authorities to face charges.

Drug possession
An Egyptian man was arrested in Farwaniya with possession of eight packets of heroin and ice (methamphetamine). He was taken to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD) for further action. Separately, a bedoon man was arrested in Farwaniya for driving under the effect of drugs as well as possessing drugs.  Meanwhile, two citizens with criminal records were arrested with drugs and large sums of money. Security sources said the suspects themselves were under the influence of drugs and confessed that the money they had was the value of their sales.

A female citizen filed a complaint against her ex-husband accusing him of insulting her through WhatsApp messages. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Runaway driver
After colliding into a luxury vehicle, an Asian man abandoned his car and fled the scene on foot. Investigations are ongoing to identify and arrest the suspect. -Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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