Reconnaissance Research discusses threats of drones and the means to combat them

Founder and CEO of Reconnaissance Research Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri, Deputy CEO Yousef Al-Ghussein and International Expert Dr Scott Crino with other participants.

KUWAIT: Reconnaissance Research organized a private panel discussion with some attendees from diplomatic missions in Kuwait. The discussion focused on the issues of the drones’ threats and technological means to combat them.
The panel was marked by the presence of the center’s guest in Kuwait, International Expert Dr Scott Crino, current Advisor to the US Department of Defense.

The event was attended by founder and CEO of Reconnaissance Research Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri, and Deputy CEO, Yousef Al-Ghussein.
The attendees addressed several topics, namely:
1. The Middle East as a focal point in the drone war.
2. The impact of drones on conventional warfare.
3. Impact of the countries’ foreign policy in polarizing terrorist groups.
4. Weaknesses and strengths of the countries in the region in dealing with this kind of threat.
5. Counterintelligence and forensic mechanisms to track and disable drones.

Dr Scott Crino

High-level representatives from the embassies of the United States of America, France, Canada, Japan, Turkey, Tunisia, India and Oman took part in the discussion. Regarding this visit, Al-Anjeri said: “My deputy and I have visited Dr Crino in his office in Washington DC in March 2020, and we had an eye-opening interview with him that got published in September 2020.”

“Our event today is part of our belief in the necessity of providing modern knowledge from their sources on topics that have direct impact on the security of Kuwait and its neighboring countries”, Al-Anjari noted. He added: “We planned to arrange additional number of closed-door discussions at the center that would gather US expert, Dr Crino, with various other groups of specialists and stakeholders in Kuwait to help capitalize on his wealth of current knowledge.”


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