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Recruitment not subject to labor nationalities, numbers: authority

KUWAIT: Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Mousa said bringing in expat labor is subject to rules mentioned in labor law 6/2010 and its decisions. He said the authority carries out its responsibilities to issue work permits based on employers’ requests according to rules that are not related to the nationality or number of expat labor. He said the labor law and the law establishing the authority 109/2013 gave it the right to bring in labor based on employers’ requests.

Mousa said the higher committee to deal with the population structure’s imbalance based on the decision of state minister for economic affairs of 2/2019, and the teams formed for this purpose, are working hard on this issue. He said that this matter requires general awareness by employers and government departments that need workers to complete government projects. Several MPs have called upon the government in recent years to take action in order to curb the government’s demographic imbalance, including calls to limit the recruitment of laborers from countries that have large populations in Kuwait.

By A Saleh

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