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Red Bull Bar Bahr announces triumphant return

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s premier land and sea race, Red Bull Bar Bahr, is set to take off once again next month. The race combines two of Kuwait’s most beloved sports into a single, exciting tournament. The 2021 Edition of Red Bull Bar Bahr takes place on December 3, 2021, at Al-Khiran in Kuwait.

Red Bull Bar Bahr is a competitive relay race that begins with a quad bike first half on land, and then continues, once that is complete, into the sea with the use of jet skis. The race has attracted many local star and championship winning athletes. Among them are Mohammed Burbayea, Fahad Al Musallam, Mishary Bushaiba, Mohammad Al Baz, and many more. The unique aspect of the race is the combining of major sporting disciplines, and the relay aspect, which gives fans the opportunity to watch both sports take the stage towards a shared goal.

Teams of two racers compete for the best overall time and first position. The race begins with the quad racers at the starting line, and away from their bikes. Once the race begins all quad racers run on foot to their quads and take off through the obstacle-laden closed-course circuit. There they will face man-made mounds, dirt, mud, and various obstacles along the way. Upon completing the course, they will find themselves on the shore, where they will disembark and hand over the keys to their partner’s jet ski.

From there the jet ski racers will rush into the sea, mount their watercraft, start their engines, and finish the race. The jet ski section is no less grueling, and all competitors expect a tough battle all the way to the finish line. Both members of every team will have their skills put to the test, regardless of experience. There will be strict safety measures in place during the racing tournament. All team members must wear a full-face helmet at all times, and have a valid driving license for the vehicle they will be riding at the time of the event.

Admittance for spectators is free for all those who wish to attend. There is no sign-up requirement, or registration of any kind needed. Simply be present at the location on the day of the race and have a good time. Teams that are looking forward to participating should feel free to sign up at the official webpage: https://www.redbull.com/mea-en/events/red-bull-bar-bahr/ Team registrations are currently open to all. This year, the proud sponsors of Red Bull Bar Bahr are the Basel Al Salem Al Sabah Motor Racing Club, Voss Water, Room Service, and Kuwait Times.


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