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Red Bull Winning 5 starts today

redbullKUWAIT: Red Bull Winning 5 is back to Kuwait! Winning 5 is a mini Football tournament with a twist. For the second year in a row, the most exciting and well-loved sport in the country, is back to Kuwait. Football lovers will be put to the test and have the chance to participate in a unique and exciting competition. This event will have two qualifiers on October 19 and 20 with 64 teams competing.

Only the best 16 teams will qualify to the final held on October 29 at Hasan Abul Soccer Courts. Save the date. This event is challenge-based, and focuses on creativity and entertainment while being a serious football competition. The fiveaside event does not include goalkeepers, whereby the goal is relatively small, i.e. 2m large x 1m high.

The game is based on elimination, so the loosing team is out of competition. However, a unique rule states that every goal scored allows the team to eliminate a player from the opposite team. The team captain should take this decision within 5 seconds of scoring, by pointing to the selected player with his finger. Each match consists of two 5-minute halves, and lasts until one team is completely eliminated, therefore it is challenging yet exciting for the teams to undergo the next round of games with one or more missing member

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