Reject ‘expatphobia’

Kuwait Times would like to extend its support and solidarity with Al-Jarida newspaper’s stance against racism.


“Expats, expats…kick them out, deport them to their countries, dump them in the desert, let them go to hell, they are the cause of all catastrophes and crimes, they are thieves and murderers, they deprive citizens from job opportunities, keep them away from hospitals and services, deny them even the air they breathe.”

This is the way racist attitudes continue, and are still injecting poison inside people’s brains, until most of us became convinced that expats are adversaries and enemies of Kuwaitis; rather an evil that must be kicked out of our body, otherwise our life will become hell. Many expats left Kuwait for good after suffering a painful heartbreak.

Most competent expats who used to serve our country have gone, be they in health, education and contracting, also cleaners and even tailors, and we can no longer find someone who can stitch dishdashas for Eid. The skilled expats left in search of an environment free of racism and hatred; an environment that considers them as contributors to nation building, away from bullying, demagoguery and non-stop cursing; an environment that values them and gives them remuneration for their efforts.

Kuwait was once the destination people sought to go to, and in it there were many competencies of enlightened artists, writers, teachers, craftsmen and laborers, who contributed sincerely in building the country and strengthening its pillars. With the efforts of its people and these expat workers, Kuwait became the Pearl of the Gulf. The hearts then were pure and attitudes sublime, until the crows of bullying and racism entered our skies and things changed, and now we are paying the price.

All are now paying the price – the racists are paying the price of their racism that leaked into their blood like poison, as they called for expelling innocents whose only guilt is seeking their livelihood in our country; and the non-racists too, because they did not confront or resist or reject “expatphobia” – rather some of them followed the calls of the racists and their voices were loud in demanding expelling the slaves of Allah from the land of Allah.  Then what happened? Did conditions improve?  Were those who left replaced by those who are more experienced, knowledgeable and sincere?  Rather it’s the contrary, as labor wages increased, and finding a carpenter, blacksmith, plumber or skilled worker has become more difficult than getting hold of red mercury.

All skilled workers left and were replaced by less competent people at a higher price. If any teacher, doctor or judge finds an opportunity in a neighboring country that respects their feelings, appreciates their job and does not stab them everyday with the dagger of harm, they will not hesitate to leave Kuwait.  We’re not supposed to complain, because this is the result of our doings. When we were bringing in skilled people, we lived in luxury. When we started mistreating them and found it too much for them to live amongst us as valued brothers, when we walked under the banner of bullies and racists, did not defend the truth, and did not know where the interests of our country lie, things became as they are.

Is it not strange that Kuwait – the country of humanity whose charitable hands extend from one end of the earth to the other, which helps, consoles and heals the wounds of those we do not personally know – is the same country where there are calls to harm people who came to it to contribute to its development, who are happy with what makes Kuwait happy and are saddened by what saddens Kuwait? “What is the matter with you? How ill do you judge! (Quran 68:36). Such heinous bullying and hateful calls for exclusion are bereft of any sense, logic, argument or even interests. — Al-Jarida

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