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Replacing expat teachers with bedoons to be done gradually

Dr Bader Al-Essa
Dr Bader Al-Essa

KUWAIT: Education Minister Bader Al-Essa announced that a tripartite committee comprising of elements from the Ministry of Education (MoE), Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents (bedoons) would be formed to invite bedoons to join the ministry’s teaching staff in accordance to MoE’s needs.

Essa added that MoE had so far not received any instructions pertaining appointing bedoons in non-teaching positions such as accountants or legal affairs staff.

Essa confirmed earlier reports about the ministry’s intention to lay off 25 percent of expat teachers by the beginning of the next school year, those replaceable by citizens or bedoons, especially in subjects like Islamic Studies and Arabic. “This will be done gradually according to a set schedule and not all at once,” he said. – Al-Rai

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