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Residents force Egypt embassy to move from Salam

KUWAIT: Well-informed sources at the foreign ministry said the Egyptian consulate’s new building will be moved from Salam to a commercial area in less than a month. The sources explained that the ministry responded to demands by Salam residents conveyed through third constituency lawmakers, noting this was the same reason the consulate was moved from Rawda to Salam.

The sources added that the decision to move is up to the consulate and the foreign ministry has no say in it, but noted that it is against municipal council bylaws to have consulates or embassies in residential areas, especially if residents reject it, the way they previously did with the Philippine and Bangladeshi embassies. Finally, the sources said the large numbers of Egyptians visiting the consulate for various transactions had been causing traffic jams and disturbing residents living nearby, especially over parking.

By A Saleh

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