Responsibilities of employers

By Fajer Ahmed

Today I want to speak from an employer’s perspective and their important duties and responsibilities towards employees. I know running a business may be difficult, but it is to the benefit of the employer to follow the law and make sure that their employees are treated fairly. Please follow the following:

  1. Under no circumstances should you hold passports. You should never ask your employees for their passports as you have no legal right to hold them under any circumstances.
  2. Employee monetary benefits such as indemnity cannot be withheld for any reason (other than debt to the company, but that is done in a certain way). You cannot withhold indemnity rights because the person is refusing to do what you requested.
  3. Depending on when the employee leaves the company and whether they have been terminated or not, you may have to pay for the full 3-month notice period, even if you don’t ask the employee to stay in the company.
  4. The 100-day probation period is not three months but actually 100 working days. If the employee works 5 days a week, that is around 5 months that you have to try out this employee and see if they are a good fit for the company.
  5. Always make sure employees are registered at the shuoon and have a copy of their written agreement with them. Always also make sure their salaries are transferred to them through bank transfer.
  6. Salaries should be transferred monthly in a timely manner.
  7. Deductions should be made after written warnings are given in clear writing.

There is a lot more to be understood as an employer, but I hope the above helped.


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