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Retiree health insurance card now available

KUWAIT: A version with even more benefits of the already-existing health insurance card for retired Kuwaitis, Afya 2, can now be collected across 46 public health centers throughout the country, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. The card, which will be operational as of July 16, will now offer full coverage for the treatment of several additional ailments, the ministry said in a statement. These include joint stiffness, joint articulation with prosthetics, osteoporosis, fractures, urinary incontinence, prostate enlargement, benign and malignant neoplasms, and cardiac catheterization, including a maximum of three stents per year. Kidney stone disease, dental implants and crowns, barring the cost of the cultivated parts and the materials used, and the coverage of the parts used in cartilage therapy. The coverage will also include doctor fees based on the costs agreed with an approved healthcare provider, the statement added. For more information on the matter, applicants may contact the ministry on its around-the-clock Afya customer service hotline: 1811-110. They may also do so on the Ministry of Health website and app. – KUNA

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