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Revival of Islamic Heritage Society honors Quran competition winners

‘Holy Quran will remain our guiding beacon’: Sheikh Mubarak Abdallah Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: The Revival of Islamic Heritage Society Sabah Al-Nasser branch held a ceremony to honor the winners of the Ramadan contest for learning and reciting the Holy Quran for this year, under the patronage of Sheikh Mubarak Abdallah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and contribution form Sabah Al-Nasser Cooperative Society. The ceremony began with recitation from the Holy Quran and several advocates, preachers, mentors, social dignitaries and workers at the RIHS were present.

The society’s permanent committee for the memorization of Quran held the Ramadan contest this year for Sabah Al-Nasser residents with a generous contribution from the area cooperative society, Master of Ceremonies Abdallah Al-Enezi said. Memorization lessons were held in five mosques with the participation of 105 students of various ages.

Head of the Administrative Department at Sabah Al-Nasser branch Bandar Al-Munahi Al-Mutairi said the society used the theme “Loving the Good for Others”, adding that each Muslim should take this theme as a way of life. He said the branch participated, since its establishment in 1998, in completing many charitable projects, including the construction of 1077 mosques and 613 farms, digging 2529 artesian wells, establishing 11 Islamic centers and 27 Islamic schools and sponsoring around 5000 orphan children.

Head of the branch’s scientific committee Dr. Mohammad Humoud Al-Najdi said reciting the Quran is a great act of worship, through which one gets closer to Allah. Reciting the Quran has great rewards, as reading one letter from the Quran rewards the reader with 10 blessings. Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah said he was happy to sponsor the winners’ rewarding ceremony adding that the Holy Quran will remain our guiding beacon for bright future and our gateway to the promised paradise. A documentary was shown about the committee’s achievements and projects in Uganda, Pakistan and Africa in general.

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