Rise up!

By Atyab Al-Shatti

Only when that big rock hits you, you’ll wake up to question how you ended up with the way you’re established. Your identity is chosen, your name is chosen, your religion is chosen, your network of communication, allies and enemies are determined and finalized right before you acknowledge your own preferences, ambitions, hopes and aims, and the way you structure your lifestyle and future.

The power of the said system comes due to enforcing it in early stages, as childhood is the most critical, constructing, mind-opening and creation chapter in one’s life. If you were told “as a child” that a certain achievement can never be accomplished, you will always look at it this way no matter how old you become.

For example, if you were told that there is no way for you to become an astronaut, or discover an eighth continent, this will remain a serious belief for the rest of your life, and you would only look back at it as a fictional or a phenomenal thing, keeping in mind that only in 2022 the James Webb Telescope brought to our attention other existing galaxies that can relate to other lives thriving in this universe, which many scientists long denied before.

The reason I abstract this example is because the big change can only take place when one changes from within. The enlightenment should start from the inside, then the world would change to a better place. If a mindset is already bestowed with barriers, blocks, obstructions, negativity and hinderance, then this mind needs to wake up. That’s because it’s trained to numb and exploit you and have you following the same dead system. Such a mindset leaves an individual with no life, no achievements, no ambitions and no hopes – nothing but a production machine that comes and goes to work.

And one day you’ll be too old and realize that you haven’t lived your life at all. Only the dreams, goals, colors and love are what makes a human being. When I see people around me, I realize that many are paralyzed by the same system, accepting the hindrances that were fed to them when they were little. I see no value but an empty fraction of matrix so hollowed that people I see are not people at all. As they are refusing to give the chance for their honest inner self to wake up and change the world.

Surrendering to any inherited mindsets and ideas is like suicide – you’re dead in your twenties but you’re only buried in your 70s or 80s. Life is about being it, making the change and achieving your goals. There is no perfect moment coming for you to start – if you’re still waiting, then you’re mistaken.

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