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Role of Kuwaiti youth stressed in New Kuwait vision

KUWAIT: Dr. Tarek Al-Sheikh, UN’s Secretary General Representative and Resident Coordinator to Kuwait expressed the organization’s interest to propagate the youth in Kuwait, to play a role in implementing the plan of Kuwait’s 2035 vision (New Kuwait) and in achieving sustainable development. Dr Al-Sheikh was speaking at a student training event being carried out in the KUNA office – its seventh annual training program – to train students to work at the UN headquarters in the country.

He also extolled KUNA’s role in spreading news to the society shedding light on the efforts made by Kuwaiti youth and commending the constructive and continuous cooperation between the UN office to the country, KUNA and Kuwait University (KU).

KUWAIT: Students attending the session.

The visit of the university students included a tour of the headquarters, where they were briefed on the Office of the UN’s Secretary General Representative, UN Development Program, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UN Human Settlements Program, UN International Organization for Migration, World Health Organization, World Food Program, International Labour Organization and UN International Children’s Emergency Fund. KUNA launched the seventh training program from Aug 21 to Sept 24, to train university students for the season 2022-23 – with 18 students being trained from KU at KUNA where they will be taught media practices.

Meanwhile, Sara Al-Ramzi, Secretary Editor, Kuwait Cooperative Society for the protection of the environment, has called for the participation of environmental engineers to showcase their potential in the field, carried out as an unprecedented initiative, to encourage the youth in the country.

Speaking about the concept, Al-Ramzi said that the idea of the initiative took shape, from her time studying Environmental Engineering in the US and has only been acknowledged in Kuwait recently. “Furthermore, the Environmental Engineering major has been an attractive specialization for fresh high school graduates,” Al-Ramzi added.

KUWAIT: Kuwait University students with UN officials.

“The number of Environmental Engineering majors graduating in Kuwait has been increasing because of the increased awareness of students about the importance of this major,” she said, adding that “the term ‘Environmental Engineer’ needs to be included within the Civil Service Commission plan for employment in order to encourage graduates of the major”.

“The initiative to start an environmental engineering team has been received well by the council of the Kuwait Society for the protection of the environment as it represents a plan to incorporate all students in related fields including water, power, petroleum studies and garbage management among others,” she noted.

Al- Ramzi highlighted the significance of the formation of a team as a plan in line with Kuwait’s 2035 vision (New Kuwait) adding that, “the main goal of the team is to put forth ambitious plans to make use of young energies that are reflected by the graduates’ immense knowledge as strategies can be put to truly reflect their abilities and introduce the Kuwaiti society to the importance of environmental engineering and include it in many different fields. She has also said that the initiative could be extended to include the participation of high school students in playing a role in Kuwait’s 2035 vision, as sustainable environment is a significant pillar in the country’s vision.


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