Saad Al-Tamimi Padel Tournament concludes tonight

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The Saad Al-Tamimi first Ramadan Padel Tournament will come to a conclusion tonight (Friday) with two final matches one for amateurs and another for the professionals. The preliminary matches for both categories proved highly technical and competitive, and players displayed various skills particular to the Padel game. The first stage of the tournament had 64 amateur and 16 professional teams.

The organizing committee was keen on having several exhibition matches during the three days of the tournament as the first match had Spanish pro player Erik Carrasco, British Christian Murphy, coach Ahmad Ashoor, and Mohammad Mirza. The second match had the stars of Arabi and Qadesiya football players in a Padel derby as Hussein Al-Mousawi, Fahad Al-Ansari, Khalid Mohammmad Ibrahim, Ahmad Al-Riyahi, Saud Al-Ansari and Abdelrahman Al-Kout participated.

Former Arabi and Salmiya football player Hussein Al-Mousawi lauded the Padel tournament adding that “Padel sport has spread fast in Kuwait and now has several stars and committed fans”. He added that there are many athletes of different sports playing Padel in their spare time.

Many participating teams played hard and maintained their levels and qualified for the round of eight including the teams of Ahmad Ashour, Abdelmohsen Al-Kout, Duaij Al-Duaij, Abdelaziz Al-Qaseer, Nasser Burashed, Yousuf Al-Safar, Abdelrahman Al-Shaibani, Mohammad Al-Khannah, Baker Al-Najjar, Yousuf Al-Attar, Khalifa Al-Mulla, Omar Al-Massabahi, Musahari Al-Bannai and Ammar Shaaban.

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