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Sadhu boards are painful mentally more than physically

By Faten Omar

People always search for ways to overcome their daily stress and problems in life, reconnect with their souls, find the real purpose of life and embody true nature to come to peace with the world. Kyrgyzstani Aidana went on a journey with a sadhu board as a way to control her mind and learn how to work with her fears, where according to her, the nail board helps people connect with their body and relieve nervous stress and fatigue.

Aidana, who got interested in yoga when she was in university, embarked on a journey that took her to India, where she acquired certification as a yoga instructor. “After sitting long hours for lectures, I would rush to the yoga studio. I went to India to acquire my yoga instructor certification. This journey led me to share my skills and experiences in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE and Kuwait,” she said.

The need for change directed Aidana to the sadhu board. “Change is an inevitable part of our life and most of the time it’s not pleasant. My yoga practice evolved throughout the years from physical to mental focus. One of my teachers introduced me to the sadhu board. It’s a very intense experience in facing all your fears and weaknesses. Surprisingly it’s more painful mentally than physically,” she said.

“There are a few legends related to the sadhu nail board. This board took root many centuries ago in India, where sadhus (people who have dedicated their lives to a spiritual path), made a pilgrimage to the Himalayan mountains barefooted. This kind of long trip required preparation, so they came up with a nail board to train their determination, willpower and spirit. The word “sadh” from Sanskrit translates as reach the goal, overcome something,” Aidana told Kuwait Times.

Aidana came to the sadhu board to release the fears of the future, let go of the past and connect to the present moment, regardless of what it holds for me – discomfort or comfort. “Some things in life have deep roots that require thorough work. The sadhu board is the training for my nervous system to handle stress without being involved emotionally and finding the best solutions. And I realized how much potential I have when I can direct my attention without being distracted by external circumstances,” she noted.

“Just like yoga, you can do it by yourself or with instructions, but the person will get the best out of this therapy when guided by a professional, at least for the first time. Because physical and mental pain is a quite strong feeling that is best handled when we are not alone. I’m honored to guide this community towards harmony within!” Aidana explained.

Nail boards originated over 2,000 years ago in India, where similar devices used by yogis are called “sadhu boards” or “bed of nails”. Standing on nails relaxes the body and energizes the person for new achievements. Standing on nail boards stimulates a release of endorphins and increases blood and lymph circulation, triggering self-healing mechanisms and eliminating pain.

Besides physical healing, nail boards are an excellent tool for the mind to train the brain to respond to any external stimulation or stress with calm focus, where most people at first experience strong sensations on their feet.

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