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Safwan partners with GSK to distribute medicines and vaccines in Kuwait

KUWAIT: (From left) GSK Manager Dr Ahmed Abdel Daim, British Ambassador to Kuwait Belinda Lewis, AAW CEO Faisal Al-Mutawa, GSK Country Manager Dr Belal Ghattas and head of DIT Shikha Tiwari.

KUWAIT: The British Embassy in Kuwait hosted an exchange of contracts ceremony between a British healthcare company, GSK, and a Kuwaiti global science-led pharmaceutical medical products distribution expert, Safwan Company. The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Belinda Lewis witnessed the exchanging of contracts between the two parties.

The new contract will authorize Safwan to efficiently, reliably, and safely import, store and distribute a wide range of innovative, high-quality GSK medicines and vaccines widely prescribed in Kuwait. Safwan will also employ a team of highly motivated professionals dedicated to supporting medical education, upskilling healthcare professionals, and managing the logistics and supply of market-leading GSK products to raise the standards of health and medicine in Kuwait.

Safwan Chairman and CEO, Faisal Ali Al-Mutawa, said: “We are proud to enter into this agreement with GSK, a globally-leading biopharmaceutical company that has established a strong track record and heritage in Kuwait. Our partnership with GSK helps unlock new opportunities to achieve our mission to improve patient health in our country.”

The agreement includes a wide range of medicines and vaccines that help prevent, treat or cure infectious diseases, auto-immune, HIV and anxiety related conditions. GSK Country Manager for the Pharma Division in Kuwait, Belal Ghattas, said: “We are committed to ensuring continuity in the supply of medicines and vaccines in Kuwait. Operating in Kuwait for more than 50 years, GSK is very proud of its contributions to advance human health. We are confident that our agreement with a leading Kuwait-based medical company like Safwan will enable us to provide better access to high-quality care and treatment for patients.”

GSK Country Manager for Consumer Healthcare in Kuwait, Ahmed Abdeldaim, added: “We are very excited about our new partnership with Safwan, and are confident that this partnership will allow us to serve the local community more efficiently. In light of the challenges faced by the pandemic, we are prioritizing the most essential brands for treatment, including Panadol, and will ensure their availability for each and every patient in Kuwait.”

The British Ambassador to Kuwait Belinda Lewis said: “The United Kingdom is a global leader in life sciences and innovative biopharmaceuticals. Our pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of developing lifesaving medicines and making them affordable and accessible around the world. GSK is a perfect example of this excellence. I congratulate GSK on their partnership with Safwan. I am delighted that this collaboration will lead to greater availability of GSK’s world-class products in Kuwait.

The UK’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan Simon Penney, said: “I am delighted to congratulate GSK on their collaboration with Safwan Trading in Kuwait. The UK is home to over 5,800 life sciences companies including GSK. UK researchers and institutions are at the forefront of scientific exploration, invention and innovation in healthcare – most recently in the fight against COVID-19. The Department for International Trade team remains committed to supporting UK-Kuwait partnerships, and this is an excellent example of collaborative success.”


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