Salary certificates forgery gang busted

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives busted a gang of four headed by the nephew of a current member of parliament. The gang forged salary certificates and documents for cash loans. A source said detectives received information about a Kuwaiti forging salary certificates from a government establishment and airline companies, besides facilitating loans from banks and companies in exchange for a KD 1,000 fee for each transaction. Detectives found 16 salary certificates ready to be delivered.

Twitter slander
The interior ministry began to tighten the noose against users of several Twitter accounts accused of slander in Kuwait. An informed source said the electronic crimes department is working on discovering the owners of these accounts, announcing there are 1,100 complaints against six such accounts. The cases are of insulting and stirring strife, and they are being investigated. The owners of some accounts were identified as being abroad and orders were given for their arrest as soon as they arrive in the country. The source said charges may be brought against a senior government official who cooperated with the owner of the ‘Ateej Al-Masayan’ account.

Officers insulted
Two officers and a civil inspector accused a Kuwaiti woman of insulting them after she objected to the method of inspection at Kuwait airport and lodged a complaint against her. The citizen is being questioned to find out what exactly happened.

Motorbike gone missing
An Egyptian man told police that his motorcycle, which he had parked near an Egaila mall, went missing and lodged a complaint. A security source said the case was referred to detectives to look for the thief.

Drug possession
Three passengers were arrested on arrival in Kuwait in possession of hashish and psychoactive substances. The three were sent to concerned authorities. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas and Al-Rai

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