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Salmi tire dump fire ‘deliberate’


KUWAIT: A fire guts tires in a dump in Salmi yesterday.

KUWAIT: A fire that occurred in the tire dump in Salmi yesterday was deliberate, Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) announced. Firemen from the Shaqaya, vocational Jahra and backup fire stations had brought the blaze under control after isolating the burning tires, KFF explained. No injuries were reported, it added, noting that Kuwait Municipality bulldozers were used in fighting the fire. “After investigating and collecting information by the firefighters, it turned out to be a work of arson,” KFF said in a statement to the press.

Later yesterday, another fire broke out in a warehouse that belongs to the Abdali Co-op Society, which prompted five fire stations to respond since the flames extended to an area of over 3,000 square meters. Firemen were able to put the fire under control as an investigation went underway to determine the cause of the fire. No injuries were reported in the incident, KFF said.

A fireman battles a blaze reported in Abdali yesterday.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out in the basement of a paper recycling factory’s warehouse yesterday, prompting Tahreer and vocational Jahra fire stations to respond. The fire was put out successfully and no injuries were reported, KFF said. Separately, Farwaniya firemen responded to a blaze in two vehicles in Ishbiliya. The vehicles were parked next to a power transformer. The fire was put out before reaching the transformer, KFF said, noting that no injuries were reported. Investigations are being carried out to determine the cause of the fire.

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