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‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’: Episode 14

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times is publishing daily recaps of two Kuwaiti soap operas airing on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 14th episode:

Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin
Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Noor asks Eisa about Jaber and he recalls their meeting in the Philippines, where he and his friends made fun of him. Jaber asks Khawla for Noor’s phone number so he can call her if Khawla doesn’t answer his calls. Then he calls Noor and starts talking, but Noor doesn’t give him a chance.

Ghanima, Hind, Khawla and Noor go to the chalet with Eisa, who is sitting in the other car with the servants. When Eisa informs Ghanima about his arrival, he is told to stay in his room in the chalet. Jaber and Eisa don’t know each other, but they start racing on the road. Jaber seems to be interested in Noor and asks Khawla if Noor is seeing somebody.

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
The detective that Aryam hired to find information about Dana tells Aryam that he didn’t find anything after a week of investigating and that she has no criminal record. So Aryam decides to do something herself. She makes an appointment at the salon where Dana works, insisting she wants Dana to do her makeup. After she is done, Aryam tells her who she is and that she still loves Bashar and got divorced to be with him. She also told her that she is an obstacle in their way and should leave, and that she is sure Bashar will choose her. Dana tells her that this decision is in Bashar’s hands. If he decides to be with Aryam, she will get out of his life, but if he chooses her and her baby, then Aryam will have to leave him alone.

Yasmin starts to feel lonely. When she goes to eat in a mall, she sees Muhsen with their son and hugs the child, but his dad pulls him away and leaves. She starts missing her kids and wonders if their father will let her see them.

By Nawara Fattahova

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