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‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’: Episode 29

Kuwait Times is publishing a daily recap of two Kuwaiti soap operas aired on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 29th episodes:

Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin
Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Eisa comes home and finds Merla, who tells him she wants to talk. But he refuses and takes the keys of his flat to not let her come again. Eisa is angry with Ghasan, Hind and Merla, and tells Khawla they are liars. Khawla asks him what he wants, but he is confused. She says she thinks that Merla loves him and tells him that Ghasan and Hind brought Merla to let him forget about Noor.

Merla comes to Eisa’s workplace, telling him they should talk as she is leaving for the Philippines. His friend Ibrahim tells him that a Filipina committed suicide by jumping from a roof of the house and that her name was Luzviminda.

Ghanima asks Khawla about her brother and she tells her that he will get married to his cousin Merla. Ghanima get angry, saying he should marry a Kuwaiti since he is saying he is Kuwaiti, but she rejects it should be Noor. Ghanima then tells Khawla that Eisa, the brother of Noor, wants to marry her, and that she agrees.

Eisa is helping Jaber and his friend with the election campaign of Hind. He tells Jaber that he is Eisa Al-Tarouf and that Hind is his aunt and Khawla is his sister. Jaber is surprised how they let him stay in a servant’s room. Eisa then goes with Jaber to Hind’s symposium and tells all his cousins who are there that he is their cousin. Eisa is fired from his work.

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
Noora didn’t tell Bashar that Dana told her she is getting married. Dana was still hesitant, but Fareeda told her she has to forget the past and start new life with Masoud, who loves her, while Bashar doesn’t think of her. Bashar returns to Aryam’s home and she promises to change her behavior and not force him to do anything, and he promises her not to leave her again.
Mihsen’s mother falls unconscious after a heart attack and they take her to the hospital. Noora asks Bashar to go with her to Dubai as Mihsen can’t travel with her, and he agrees. Aryam suggests to go with him, but he said it’s not a good idea.

Bashar and Noora go to Dubai and they meet Dana at the hotel. Dana blames Noora for coming with Bashar as she didn’t want to see him at her wedding as she is getting married just to forget him. Bashar still loves Dana and regrets that he divorced her. He goes with Noora and Dana for dinner and tells Dana he realizes that he loves her.

By Nawara Fattahova

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