Save Animals!

Muna Al Fuzai

I like to believe that most of us are kind to defenseless animals, that our humanity dominates and that we all recognize the great responsibility of being kind and humane to all living things. Yet, what I want to believe and the reality are, sadly, seldom in agreement. Across the globe, there are those who abuse and harm animals, especially domesticated pets like dogs and cats, without remorse.

Recently a short video popping up all over social media showed a western woman furious at the neglect of a small dog that was abandoned in a garbage bin. The pup had been left to die. The woman found the dog thrown in with the trash suffering from extreme cold and diarrhea. In the video she is clearly incensed at the vendors who threw the pet when it became sick, rather than pay for the cost of a vet.

It was a ghastly incident that surely reflects the lack of humanity , awareness and ignorance in dealing with pets. I already know the ready-made answer some people here will give. They argue that harming an animal is nothing, compared with the harm being done to humans and no one cares…. But this is the ugliest of excuses.

I believe that anyone who is considering owning a pet for himself or his family should first consider the work and consequences. Are they are capable of taking care of a pet with the same love and care as a human? If the answer is no, then better to let go of the idea. Because a living organism needs full care the same as a human being. It can easily get sick and tired and will certainly grow older and stop being the adorable puppy or kitten it once was. Anyone who adopts a pet has a responsibility to treat it with care and kindness. Not to mention we all have a moral responsibility in front of Allah for the humane treatment of every living thing.

Another issue is when people buy pets for the sake of image. It is very sad to see some people exploiting animals, buying them just to show off on social media and then dumping them when they realize pets actually require love and work.
There is a law that prohibits the import of exotic animals for private ownership but when an animal is similar to another animal which is legally permitted, some people take the opportunity to sneak banned animals into the country! An animal expert is needed at customs who can examine the animals before accepting what the paperwork says.

In Kuwait we have a Law No. 112 of 2015 regarding animals .  The law was approved by the National Assembly and established technical requirements and regulations to protect animals from abuse or mistreatment.

Even so the abuse and mistreatment of animals in Kuwait continues. Why doesn’t the environmental police – the authority charged with protecting animal welfare in Kuwait – check the places where animals are sold and where animals are kept like the pet souq at the Friday markets?

Come summer time, we always see a surge in abandoned animals as people leave Kuwait – either for holiday or for good – and dump their responsibilities.

We should support animal rights groups in Kuwait and also report any social media where animals are being abused or sold.  Protecting animal welfare starts with each of us in our community.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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