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Scientific Center visitors interact with Sophia robot

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) is eager to restore scientific culture to reach a wide sector of audience, said KFAS’ deputy director general for support programs and functions Amani Al-Baddah. Speaking on the sidelines of a lecture on the ‘Space Month’ held at the KFAS’ Scientific Center, she said this event is part of a series, called KFAS Links, in various scientific fields. David Hansen, the creator of inventor of Sophia the Robot, was selected to speak in the lecture, she noted. She pointed out that there is a wide sector of young people and school students interested in artificial intelligence in particular, and science and technology in general. She indicated that the lecture was a chance to educate youngsters on the relationship between arts and technology. Displaying Sophia the Robot provided an opportunity for the visitors of the Scientific Center to communicate and interact with the robot and ask it some questions, she said. – KUNA

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