Scores arrested in Farwaniya, Jahra crackdowns

KUWAIT: Security campaigns Farwaniya and Jahra security directorates carried out several campaigns resulting in the arrest of 94 persons. Police also issued 117 citations, confiscated 370 liquor bottles and busted a prostitution gang consisting of two men and three women. Two persons wanted over debts and two others involved in drugs were also arrested. Twenty two residency violators, three with expired residency permits and one drunken person were arrested too.

Traffic campaign
Ahmadi traffic department carried out a campaign that resulted in impounding several vehicles in order to stop traffic violations and eradicate reckless driving by some motorists.

Environment law
The environment supervision and inspection department of the Interior Ministry’s environment police division arrested the driver of an industrial leftover tanker while emptying the tanker’s load in an open yard in industrial Sulaibiya in violation of the environment law. Patrol officers spotted the driver and arrested him, and samples of the material that were being unloaded were sent to the Environment Public Authority (EPA) for testing.

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