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KUWAIT: A Lebanese man asked Hawally police to help him get his car back from his wife. A security source said the Lebanese told police his wife took his car for a spin and ignored his calls. The man gave police the title of his car, which is in his name, adding, “All I want is my car back.” When police asked whether his wife lives with him, he said she does, “but she wants to be the boss and I cannot stop her!” Police attempted to call the woman but she did not respond, so detectives were asked to find and arrest her.

Marital problems
A female citizen got into an argument with her Lebanese husband in a Hawally park and insulted and threatened him in front of everyone. She then took their children and left, after threatening him once again not to come close to her or the children. The husband went to the police station and asked them to protect him from her. Police registered a case, and the woman is being summoned for questioning. – Al-Rai

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