Search for thieves

KUWAIT: Jahra detectives are looking for three men who committed four armed robberies within less than three hours. In one reported case, the suspects attempted to steal a citizen’s car when he left it with the engine running. The car’s owner returned to the vehicle before they managed to escape with it, but they attacked him with a knife and drove away with the vehicle, leaving him behind bleeding. In each of the three other cases, an expatriate told Taima police that he was mugged by three men who claimed to be detectives.

Police assaulted Two policemen from Hawally back-up force told Salam police station officers that they were insulted by a 20-year-old citizen who was accompanied by his 21-year-old brother. The complainants said that while patrolling the area, they asked the driver of a Germanmade vehicle to pull over, but he refused to cooperate. The man then insulted the officers and escaped, according to their statements. Investigations are ongoing in search for the suspect.

Burns A 24-year-old girl told Nugra police that she suffered burns after receiving laser hair removal treatment in a Hawally clinic. A medical report stated that burns were noticed on the thighs, lower abdomen, pelvis, arms and neck. — Al-Anbaa

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