Search for new garbage container incinerator

KUWAIT: Following the arrest of a GCC national and a bedoon for setting fire to 30 garbage containers in Jahra a while ago, another unknown incinerator set fire to 16 more dumpsters within two days, said security sources. They noted that investigations are in progress to identify the new incinerator after discovering that he was connected to the previous one and used the same mixture of drugs found with the prime suspect (methamphetamine). Detectives added that search was in progress for the main supplier of the mixture, who apparently had the arsons committed for distraction to allow other pushers to sell the drugs they had.

Drug possession
Detectives recently arrested a citizen and two women (a citizen and an Iranian) with the possession of 47 illicit pills in Salmiya, said security sources, noting that the three suspects were already drugged on arrest. Meanwhile, a GCC national was recently arrested in Saad Al-Anbdullah area with the possession of 35 packets of methamphetamine and heroin, said security sources.

Two female citizens were recently arrested for dinking, driving under the influence and possessing of alcohol, said security sources, noting that a highway patrol officer had noticed a vehicle being driven in an unsteady course and dangerously changing lanes. When he ordered the driver to pull the vehicle over, he noticed that both she and her companion were inebriated while the smell of alcohol was emitting from inside. They also possessed two bottles of imported liquor and KD 3,460 in cash. The suspects said that they were returning from a party in a chalet.

Several inspection campaigns were launched over the weekend in various governorates and resulted in arresting  57 people (including citizens and expats) who are wanted for financial claims worth over KD 500,000, said security sources.

A Jordanian couple were recently arrested for begging in a shopping mall, said security sources, noting that the suspects claimed they were Emiratis who had arrived for tourism but lost all their money, which made so many citizens sympathize with them because they were ‘GCC nationals’. Detectives explained that a lot of complaints were made about a man, woman and kid using a vehicle with a UAE license plate number, and asking passersby for KD 50 to fuel up. The suspect reportedly asked the donors for their bank account numbers so that he could wire the money back when he returned to UAE. However, following a two-day surveillance, the suspects were arrested and detectives found out that they were Jordanians residing in UAE and spoke the dialect well. A case was filed.

Officer insulted
An Iraqi man was recently apprehended for resisting arrest and insulting an environment police offcer who had stopped his companion for smoking inside a shopping mall, said security sources. They noted that the suspect snatched away his friend’s ID from the officer’s hands and threatened him, claiming to have been working for the police force for 15 years. – Translated from the Arabic press

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