Search still on for missing warehouse worker

KUWAIT: Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Director General Lt Gen Khalid Al-Mikrad inspected the site where warehouse shelves collapsed in a major store on Salmy road. He was following efforts to find a missing worker, thought to be buried under tons of goods. Another worker was injured and taken to hospital.

Drugs confiscated with a passenger who tried to smuggle them through Kuwait International Airport.

Smuggling foiled
Airport customs officers foiled an attempt by a woman to smuggle illicit tablets hidden in the lining of leather clothes. Member of the Customs Information Committee Nawaf Al-Matar said an inspection system indicated foreign objects in the luggage of a passenger, so it was searched manually and the tablets were found hidden in various places including the lining. Officers found 3,200 Tramadol and other tablets. The suspect and drugs were sent to concerned authorities.

KUWAIT: Firefighters stand outside a burning transformer in Kaifan yesterday.

A power transformer in Kaifan caught fire yesterday, so Shuhada and industrial Shuwaikh centers responded and put out the flames. A nearby college was evacuated, and no injuries were reported. Meanwhile, firemen put out a fire in the bedroom of a Funaitees house. Firemen from Qurain and Mishref stations evacuated two children and a helper from thick smoke. Investigations are ongoing to find out the cause of the fire.

Worker freed
A laborer was stuck between the steel girders of a building under construction. Firemen from Bidaa fire station and technical rescue teams responded, freed the man and handed him to paramedics, who took him to hospital.

Broken spine
An officer at the Drugs Control General Department suffered a broken spine when he attempted to break up a fight in a Salmiya mall, Al-Rai daily reported yesterday. The lieutenant was near a mall late at night and was surprised by a fight between 10 men, so he attempted to break up the fight, but was beaten and suffered several injuries. Policemen and medics arrived at the scene and took the officer to Mubarak Hospital, while the others disappeared.

An Egyptian woman discovered that her Syrian ex-husband had planted cameras in her room to blackmail her with images and video clips, so she complained against him and he was arrested. The woman noticed a lens in the ceiling of her room, so she informed police, and they went to the house. They asked her if she suspected anyone, so she told them it may be her ex-husband, due to severe differences between them. The man confessed to placing the camera, saying he wanted to blackmail his ex-wife to settle their divorce.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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