Security situation

Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

Disturbing news is circulating on social media these days about the presence of extremist militias on the Kuwaiti borders. In the light of a series of security reports and uncovering of weapons caches in various parts of the country, these reports make me and many people wonder if we are safe from these extremists, who may try to sneak into the country and cause chaos and killing.

Every human desires to secure himself, his family, money and property, and it is the state’s duty to provide this service. I know this is not easy in a tense world of sectarianism and contradictions. This article seeks to raise the question about our security situation and calls on the state to crush these militants completely, before they undertake any possible criminal act.

But aside from anxiety over the future, we also have to think about what is happening internally, because internal security is very important, especially with respect to publications by the media regarding fatwas and opinions that may merely be interpretations that may create misunderstandings. It is the duty of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to carefully monitor the religious discourse and keep it away from extremism, especially in our multi-confessional country.

Political or social rumors and false news spread rapidly in Kuwait, like in any other Arab country. This is a risk, especially if the rumor is related to the security of the country. Social media accelerates the dissemination of inaccurate news in Kuwait, and this news circulates through social media with false exaggerations.

Constant security threats indicate the need for careful follow-up. The cancellation of Eid prayers outside mosques for security reasons is a wise decision taken due to the current delicate situation. Kuwait’s mosques are safe for people who come to pray.

With chaos continuing in Syria and Yemen, there are potential risks and fear that the chaos may move to the Gulf states through the transmission of conservative ideas and extremism. What is happening in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, where people are killing and terrorizing in the name of Islam, is a new culture of weapons and killings that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The focus of the Gulf is to stay united in the GCC. Relations between Gulf states are stronger than ever, despite the impact of regional conflicts and Iran’s attempts to intervene in the region by supporting militias. The greatest danger that could have catastrophic repercussions on Gulf states is a victory of armed and sectarian militias. This will create a criminal monster, leading to new formations of extremist groups in places not far from the borders of Gulf countries, especially Kuwait, which borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. We must not become a new land of sectarian conflicts.

Kuwaiti writers and media in general have a duty to draw attention to the seriousness of spreading such rumors and false news and alert the ministry for full control of the borders and security of the state.

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