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Self-reflection paves path for bettering oneself

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: As we move through life, we are constantly learning and growing regardless of our age and experiences, which makes developing better versions of ourselves part of our growth as humans. However, developing a better version of oneself requires self-awareness to better navigate through one’s personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, as identifying one’s attributes is necessary for improving one’s character.

Kuwait Times interviewed Lama, AlKawther and Ala’a — three young people — to take a look at their techniques of growing into better versions of themselves. According to Lama, a student at Kuwait University, AlKawther, a high school student, and Ala’a, an English teacher at a public high school, self-reflection, productivity and inner peace are three main ways that pave the way for growing into the best version of ourselves.

Lama described self-reflection and highlighted its significant impact on self-development. She told Kuwait Times that self-reflection is the process of analyzing and evaluating one’s beliefs, thoughts and actions to gain a deeper understanding of oneself. It is an introspective activity that involves looking inward and examining oneself objectively, without judgment or bias. The practice of self-reflection is essential for personal growth and development, as it helps individuals to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement in their personal and professional lives.

Self-reflection can take many different forms, but it typically involves asking oneself thought-provoking questions and reflecting on one’s own experiences. Some people choose to journal their thoughts, while others prefer to have conversations with trusted friends or colleagues. One of the major benefits of self-reflection is that it can help individuals to develop greater self-awareness. By examining their own thoughts and beliefs, individuals can begin to understand why they think and act the way they do and can identify patterns in their behavior that may be hindering their personal or professional growth.

“I am constantly striving towards self-improvement. We want to be better versions of ourselves, both personally and professionally. The journey towards self-growth and development is ongoing and can be a challenging task, but the benefits are immeasurable,” Lama said. She added working on better versions of ourselves is a lifelong process that allows us to examine our lives and explore ways to make positive changes. It involves an ongoing self-reflection and learning process, as we identify our strengths, weaknesses and areas that need improvement. This helps us to set achievable goals that we can work towards, taking steps to bring us closer to our desired version of ourselves.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to keep up with changing trends and technologies in our respective fields. We must be willing to embrace changes and enhance our skills and knowledge to stay ahead. This requires a willingness to learn and adapt to new situations, as well as a growth mindset that embraces challenges as learning opportunities in order to produce better. AlKawther told Kuwait Times. “Focusing on oneself and being productive are two important aspects that go hand-in-hand. Whether it is in terms of personal growth or excelling at school or work, both factors are essential for success and fulfillment,” she said.

Focusing on oneself also involves setting personal goals and identifying the steps necessary to achieve those goals. This requires an individual to be honest with themselves and recognize areas where they may need to improve. On the other hand, being productive involves utilizing time effectively and efficiently. To be productive, individuals must have clear goals and objectives they wish to achieve. This includes prioritizing tasks and allocating time and resources accordingly.

Additionally, Ala’a said that in life, we often find ourselves struggling to maintain a sense of inner peace. The never-ending hustle and bustle of our daily lives can often make it difficult to slow down and take time out for ourselves. However, it is vital to reflect on one’s inner peace to lead a more fulfilling life. “Inner peace refers to a state of tranquility, calmness and well-being that comes from within. It is an internal equilibrium that allows us to feel centered, balanced and content, regardless of external circumstances. Achieving inner peace requires a willingness to prioritize self-care and take deliberate steps towards finding a sense of serenity amidst the chaos of everyday life,” he said.

This helps individuals to better understand who they are, which allows them to have a more objective view of themselves. It can help them to focus their energy and make better decisions that lead to greater success in all aspects of life.

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