Senior citizens trade charges

KUWAIT: A citizen in his seventies and a woman in her sixties exchanged charges of beating and verbal insults at Jabriya police station, as each claimed to be beaten by the other.

Domestic violence
An Egyptian man sought police help to rescue him from his wife’s beatings. The Egyptian, who was taken to Mubarak Hospital, went with a medical report to the police station and told them that a minor dispute occurred with his wife, so she attacked and beat him, along with verbally insulting him. He said this is not the first time she beat and humiliated him over trivial matters. Police summoned the woman for questioning.

Two sisters had a heated fight that ended up at the police station. The fight began when a woman beat the son of her elder sister, who admonished her, but she insulted her and things escalated to a fight. The younger sister lodged a complaint against the elder one. Police are investigating. – Translated from the Arabic press

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