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Sheikh Mubarak Al-Mubarak at Arab World Institute in Paris

PARIS: The museum at the Arab World Institute in Paris has opened an exhibition, where for the first time, around 1100 archaeological artifacts such as Dinars and gold currencies that belong to the Arab Islamic World during the 18th and 19th century, were on display. The exhibition was attended by Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and the Kuwaiti ambassador in France, Mohammed Al-Judaie as well as the speaker of the French Foreign Ministry, Anne-Claire Legendre.

The institute is visited by thousands of visitors every year, comprising mostly of people interested in Arabic and Islamic cultures, where the library of the institute can be visited and which contain more than 17 thousand titles in Arabic, French and English, which talk about various subjects ranging from literature, history, philosophy and theatre.

PARIS: Anne-Claire Legendre, Speaker of the French Foreign Ministry holds the artifacts at the Arab World Institute

The Arab World Institute is considered as one of the best Arabic and Islamic culture institutes in the world, as it acts as a bridge between the Arab and western cultures and increases the interest in learning the Arabic Language. The institute, which was designed by some the best architects in the world, aims to also shed light on the creativity of the Arabic culture in the past and the present, as well as what it had presented to the world scientifically that was ‘enlightening’ to Europe and the world as a whole.

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